Asaf Avidan-More than One Song


 RO: Asaf Avidan (nascut pe 23 martie, 1980) este un cantaret, compozitor si muzician de origine israeliana. Artistul s-a nascut in Ierusalim si a facut parte din Armata Fortelor de Aparare din Israel.

Cand auzim numele lui Asaf Avidan, nu il putem atribui niciunei melodii. Insa, daca dati play la asta : Asaf Avidan-One Day, numele lui cu siguranta va va ramane in minte. “One Day”  este singura piesa a artistului care a reusit sa ocupe primele locuri in cadrul topurilor posturilor de radio din Romania. Insa, un artist atat de complex nu poate sa se faca remarcat doar printr-o singura piesa. Putine dar “pretioase”, Aasaf Avidan ne pune la dispozitie doua albume solo (“Different Pulses” si “Gold Shadow”), un album live (“Avidan in a Box”) si un EP (“Now That You’re Leaving).

O sa va las aici doua dintre piesele mele preferate, insa va indemn sa aveti curiozitatea sa le ascultati si pe celelalte. Enjoy!

EN: Asaf Avidan ( born March 23, 1980) is a singer-songwriter and musician from Israel. He was born in Jerusalem and completed mandatory army service in Israel Defense Forces.

When we hear about Asaf Avidan, nothing comes to our minds. But if you press play: Asaf Avidan-One Day, his name will surely be remembered. “One Day” is his only song that managed to occupy the first place in Romanian radio station’s tops. But, a complex artist couldn’t be recognizes after a single song. Few but “precious”, Asaf Avidan gives us two solo albums (“Different Pulses” si “Gold Shadow”), one live album (“Avidan in a Box”) and an EP (“Now That You’re Leaving).

I’ll leave here two of my favourite songs, but I recommend you to be curious and listen to the other songs as well. Enjoy!


“Your Anchor”

 hqdefault (1)

                                     “Her Lies”


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